Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weird Things.

Monkey is almost 11 months old.
That means I've had him for... 11 months.
Which is almost a year.

So far, in those 11 months, he's been nothing short of the best kitten ever. He's been through some tough times, and fought through nastier ringworm than any kitty should ever have, and several different upper respiratory problems, (As a matter of fact, today he had an asthma attack. What the heck?) but here he is, healthy and beautiful and irresistably soft and fluffy.

To celebrate his awesome 11 months of's 11 random things about Monkey.

1. He loves bathrooms. My friends come over and are creeped out when he follows them into the bathroom. I think he just really likes the shower. Its his favorite place. Even when it's wet. ESPECIALLY when it's wet. He licks the water off of everything. (told you he was weird...)

2. He hates being outside. I've taken him out a few times, and he just clings to my neck and cries pitifully. He's a rather apprehensive child. And I'm not calling him a child because I'm dillusional. He really acts like a child. What cat clings to their owner's neck and buries their face in their hair and cries about going outside?

3. He gives "kiss-kisses". Probably the best thing about him. I'm not sure when he learned how, but somehow I taught the kid that when I say "kiss-kiss" or make a kissing noise, he's supposed to rub his face on mine. And then he just kind of took off with that, and started giving kiss-kisses to everyone and everything...even without being asked. (Ember's really appreciative of this, by the way.)

4. He does get tangles in his perfectly fluffy soft coat...but only in his armpits. So they're great fun to comb out. He really loves grooming time. Especially when I bust out the comb, allergy wipes, nail trimmers, AND the toothbrush.

5. He's afraid of guys. He doesn't mind Alex and Luke, but he hasn't even been around Dad all that much. The deeper the guy's voice is, the more it scares him. I took him to my grandpa's once, and the second my grandpa said "hey little buddy!", Monkey's eyes were the size of dinner plates and he started panting and trying to hide under his bed. Poor kid. He really loves girls though. Especially if they look like me.

6. He (and at least one of his brothers) is wayyy too overaffectionate and dependant for a cat. He really needs me. Cats aren't supposed to need anyone. Monkey would probably die if there wasn't someone to cuddle with at night and feed him noms and give him kisses.

7. His vocabulary includes only a few words. "Nom-noms" (food), "kiss-kiss" (kisses, obviously), "NO!!" (self-explanitory....) and "go to bed/your room!" (time for him and sometimes E&E to go to my room) Oh and there's "sit"...which he's choosing to pretend not to know. Conveniently, he knows it pretty well when I have a treat.

8. Almost every night, he picks one of my pillows, and just lays his head on it. Then he pulls the blanket up around him, or snuggles up to me. (he probably knows I'm gonna pull the blanket why should he waste his energy when I'm gonna do it anyway?) And then usually he ends up on my pillow, curled up in my neck, with one paw on my face. I don't know what his deal is with having one paw touching my face at all times...but if he's sitting on my lap, he's touching my face.

9. He is unexplainably intolerant to any of Ember's playful advances. Ember's normally kind of a jerk cat. She's that older sister who's too good to play with her baby brother. But whenever she does try...she gets majorly shot down. Monkey hisses and screams and bats at her face with his (trimmed...and therefore not very dangerous) claws extended and backs himself into a corner. But she tries in an awkward way, so I can't say I blame him... She shoots out from under my bed, with her back leg thumping on the ground and her left front leg smacking the ground loudly. I just call the whole thing Thumping. And Monkey HATES it.

10. He's left handed. I'm not just saying that... you try it for yourself. Wiggle a finger in front of him, and see which paw he swats at it with. 9 times out of 10, it's his left.

11. And case you didn't know, his real name has always been Feivel (because he resembled the mouse on An American Tail) but we call him Monkey because he also looked like a monkey when he was tiny. He was really scrawny and just had the strangest little face. I get asked constantly why his name is Monkey if he's a cat. Its just his nickname!
Although...I never call him Feivel...he wouldn't know to respond to it if I did...maybe I should get him a tag that says Monkey on it instead of Feivel. Its really just not doing him any good to have a name on it that he doesn't even know....
At any rate, now you know 11 things about Monkey that you most likely didn't know before. And if you did, it's probably because I've told you a few dozen times. I could probably talk about him for days. Some might say I'm obsessed with him, and he's only a cat, but really...he's not. I many cats do you know who give kiss-kisses on command??

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Has it really been like 6 months since I posted?? Jeez. I'm a slacker.
Monkey/Feivel is almost 10 months old...and still fairly small for his age at exactly 7lbs. His brother Wolfey is about 9lbs and much taller than Monkey.

He still makes that face...

In other news, I'm back at school. (My main excuse for not posting) I started the semester taking 6 classes, and am now down to 4. Which is a good amount for me. Just enough homework to keep me busy on weekends... x.x I'm really enjoying my psychology course. My classmates are amazing and my table specifically has great group dynamics, and its just a great class.

I'm also working just about every day that I'm not at school. I'm doing animal care, and on fridays I'm also a vet tech assistant. Which is fun, but a little annerving when I don't know what I'm doing and people get frustrated with me for not doing things right. But I'm trying my hardest and I'm enjoying it :)

After quite a bit of social drama...I've definitely learned what the phrase "blood is thicker than water" means. And deciding to not let people get to me (and not letting anyone tell me how to live my life) has definitely, DEFINITELY helped me handle this whole ridiculous situation. All things considered... I'm pretty satisfied with the way things are right now. Things could be better, but this is as good as it's gonna get for now.

Song lyrics of the day? Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson. Hahahaha...why haven't I heard that song before?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feivel 14 weeks old

Monkey giving Beth the stink eye... he's a character for sure.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey Ash, guess what. You still have a blog. NOW GO UPDATE IT.

Sorry for not posting...I've been busy. I got the job at the vet clinic, which actually turned out to be an animal care position. Meaning I'm a sh*t shoveler, as the vet calls it hahaha. I'm only working wednesdays and some weekends for now. But I'll get more hours later. And I have the potential to be trained as a vet tech at some point if I stay long enough.

The kids are all grown up on me, and Wesley went to his new home almost 2 weeks ago. His new name is Cubby Bear or 'Cubs'. He's pretty much spoiled rotten :) They really love him, and I'm glad they do. Wolfe is getting neutered in the morning, then most likely going to his new home this weekend. I'm super excited about his home, too :) I hope it works out for them. Monkey Feivel is doing fantastically, and I'm pretty sure he's getting long hair. What a weird kid. But hey, at least he has hair now.

Monkey and his weird long hair. Definitely the pick of the litter ;)

Wooof-woof- a definite mama's boy.

Cubs in his new home, with his new mama :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

save your heart for someone that's worth dying for...

Ugh its been a while...again. The kids have ringworm, which is SO lame. They're pretty miserable, and itchy. Wolfey's COVERED. Monkey's actually doing pretty great. Just has it around his mouth. The rest died off of him. Wes is pretty covered too. They're going on oral meds tomorrow, cuz we've tried everything else.

I'm starting to get weird itchy spots too....UGH. And Stella, Willy, Watson and Phoebe definitely have ringworm too. The house is infested. Just stay away if you know what's good for you... lol.

In other news, I have 2 jobs pretty much lined up for me. I just have to pick one. Either I get to watch an 8 week old from 8 to 4 M-F and her 2.5 year old sister from 2:30 to 4, or I can work at a vet clinic, doing receptionist type stuff while learning to be a vet tech at the same time. The latter being the job I've wanted for YEARS. If I can for sure get the job, I'm definitely picking the vet job...

How cute is this kid? :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wesley has just decided he doesn't like eating anymore. Idk why. But it's easy enough to tube-feed him and Wayne, so it's not a huge deal, I guess. I am kinda worried that he won't even eat canned food anymore...he's always been my good eater. But now Wayne is. Weird... but good for Monkey.

Wolfe has an eye infection thanks to one of Titania's kids scratching him. Ugh. They all play too rough for my boys...

Can I just say that I HATE LEON VALLEY. They just sent me a letter in the mail informing me that they're going to charge me 100 bucks a year for the next 3 years cuz I drove without a license that ONE TIME. And I gotta pay up by the end of march. UGH.

Oh my. I just looked over and Wolfey's eating the dry food I leave in there. (just in case they randomly decide they're into that) That's fairly AWESOME.

I've been cleaning house all night. Super fun. The kids have been squeezed in between the chair and the footrest all night, sleeping in their fuzzy little pile.

I wonder if they miss Winter and Wyatt. Or if they even remember them, or registered their existance.

Valentines day is coming up...hooray...another greeting card holiday.

I'm so not sleepy, and it's almost 4:30am. This is wrong. They make meds for this...

The boys.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I need to keep up.

Sorry I haven't updated...It's been a crazy 5 weeks... I've been busy raising kids. And by 'kids' I mean 'kittens. Here's what my babies looked like at 2 days old, when I got them.

Teeny tiny.

I started with five precious teeny babies, and now have three... Wyatt was super sick, and went downhill from the moment he opened his eyes at about 2 weeks. Winter passed away unexpectedly when she had just turned 3 weeks old. She was a sweetheard, and purred with all her mind when I picked her up. They all really know me as 'mom'...funny how that happens when their real mom dies and you have to bottlefeed them.

Wesley, Wolfe and Lil Wayne are still here. But Wayne continues to struggle. He doesn't want to eat on his own. If it weren't for me tubefeeding him, he wouldn't have made it this long. He does eat canned food sometimes. I was terribly afraid he would never eat it, and that he would eat ANYTHING on his own, but I think its just the milk he's not wanting... But he doesn't eat enough of the canned for me to stop with the milk, so we continue... He's such a fighter. He pitches such a fit when I slide that syringe down his throat. I really need to trim those nails...

Wesley (Wes) is a little puffball sugar glider. He has the BIGGEST eyes. His face is starting to get longer. I'm wondering when they'll start looking like cats. Wesley's always looked odd and so has Waybe. We actually call Wayne "Monkey" because that's what he looks like. That or a mouse. Wolfey's fairly normal looking. He definitely responds to "Woof-Woof!"

Here's some pics from when Beth came over about a week ago (making them almost 4 weeks old) with her camera:

Wesley. Mister Sugarglider :)
Wes can be a little creepy at times.


I love this.

Crazy Monkey :)
The boys.

"Screw ya'll, I'm goin back to bed."

Sweet boy and his bottle :)
Wolfey. Such a little princess :)